Complaint channel.

Effective date: October 1, 2021

Enfinity Group (henceforth “Enfinity” or the “company”) has deployed an Ethics Code that set out the ethical principles and standards that should govern the behavior of all company employees and related parties.
Our objective is to ensure integrity in our daily operations in all business areas. As a consequence, our responsibility embraces prevention, detection and response to detect practices against our compliance standards or local regulatory requirements.
Due to this engagement, Enfinity has established a complaint channel so that any compliance breach can be raised through this process in a secured and confidential manner.

Where can I make a complaint?

If you are aware, have evidences or indications that any corrupt, illegal or irregular conduct has occurred by any Enfinity’s employee or related parties that provide service to Enfinity, you have the following channels available to report the complaint.
Through this email (complaint, information about a conduct or a situation that can be considered as illegal or irregular can be reported. The information can be provided anonymously or you can identify yourself. In any case, the complainant identification and the information will be managed in an absolutely confidential manner and only restricted to the limited number of persons in charge of the investigation.

How to report a complaint?

In order to be able to analyze the reported events accurately, we need you to provide us as much data as possible:
• Explain the facts in a simple but detailed manner.
• Identify the people or companies involved, as well as the area of the company to which they belong, if you know it.
• The period in which the events occurred.
• Include the documentation that supports the complaint, in case you have it.
• Provide any other information that you consider of interest.
• Provide your personal contact data, except in the case of anonymous complaints.

How will be managed the complaint?

Once the complaint is received, it will be analyzed by the appropriate committee assigned to that purpose. If inappropriate or illegal behavior are noted, an investigation will be initiated. Otherwise, the complaint will be dismissed and notified to the whistleblower.

Use of the information

Enfinity ensures the confidentiality of the information and the content provided, as well as the identity of the complainant. Likewise, Enfinity guarantees that there is type of retaliation against those who have made complaints in good faith or base on a reasonable belief.
If personal data is provided, it will be managed in accordance with the applicable regulations, keeping it only during the essential needed time for the investigation, legal requirements or injunctions.