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We invest in climate change mitigation

Enfinity aims to develop and invest in innovation projects with the objective of deploying comprehensive solutions and services in the field of sustainability and climate change.

We want to build an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, industry experts, and different links in the value chain are connected to support an economic model pursuing a profitable and sustainable future. Stakeholders join forces across industries to mitigate climate change through Circular Economy, Electric Mobility, Water Management and Artificial Intelligence.

Our business model


We constantly explore forefront technologies and projects that can add value to the entire climate change mitigation value chain.


We aim to build a specialist network and deep shared knowledge in sustainability.


We use revenues to continue identifying and investing in new projects and multiply the positive impact on the planet.


We invest as equity partners in high potential startup companies that share our values and are aligned to our strategic challenges to accelerate and consolidate its growth.

Focus Areas

Circular economy: a zero waste future

We believe in a model where waste does not exist.

Products designed and optimized to re-enter the economy maintain maximum value thanks to new waste management and recycling technologies.

Circular economy represents
a business opportunity.

Circular economy contributes to ESG goals while generating returns for investors. Transitioning from a linear to a circular model decouples growth from resource constraints and drives competitive advantage.

Sustainable manufacturing model


  • Identifying waste in the production or “end of life cycle” stages.

  • Efficient waste classification and processing.

  • Reformulation of recycled raw materials.

  • Circular engineering: designing products that incorporate recycled materials.

  • Transformation into a new product made of sustainable raw material.

  • Use of renewable energy in the production process.

Benefits of a circular product


Products made with recycled raw materials reduce CO2 emissions by 50%.


Designed to facilitate recycling and transformation into new raw material.


Components are easily interchangeable to extend product life cycle.

Sustainable Industry

A more sustainable industry is more efficient and competitive.

Creation of Synergies

What one industry considers waste can be raw material for another industry.

Bridging water demand-supply gap

  • Developing countries: experiencing issues related to water scarcity, wastewater treatment or accessibility to safe water, leading to public health problems, poverty and contamination.
  • Governments: tackling this growing problem by introducing stringent regulations on discharge and use of water for industries.
  • Industries: adopting water-recycling systems to adapt to water scarcity and strict regulations, especially in the food, textile, pharmaceutical, chemical and power industries. Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) systems and wastewater recycling are becoming a necessity for industries in many countries such as India.
  • Enfinity Ventures: can play an important role in bridging the water demand-supply gap and the environmental issues, by designing and implementing solutions for: effluent treatment, ZLD, desalination or community water management.


Pharma, agro chemicals, chemicals, textiles, paper, FMCG, tanneries, oil & gas
Agriculture, chemical, oil & gas, pharma, chemicals (apart from government projects)
Drinking water, cleaning of small water bodies, city wastewater management, large projects affecting a town/cities

Our Competitive Advantage


End-to-end management of assets, including performance monitoring, contract management, legal issues, accounts and other compliance.


Unique capabilities to understand water-energy nexus and to optimize the consumption and cost of water and energy.


In-house technology expertise; working experience with global technology leaders.


Ability to view water contracts as a stream of cashflows per unit that can be traded, as we did with solar YieldCos; experience in structuring and development of performance-based contracts.


Our team in India has valuable experience in water treatment projects and a deep understanding of the subject.

Connecting the ecosystem

  • Transportation is responsible for up to 23% of carbon emissions on the planet.

  • A firm and urgent commitment to electric mobility powered by renewable energy is key to achieving decarbonization goals and mitigate climate change.

  • Enfinity Ventures can play an important role in connecting the sustainable mobility ecosystem thanks to our expertise in renewable energy production and storage, and our ability to bring together different members of the value chain in an efficient way.

Electric mobility ecosystem

Intelligent grids

As we move toward a new energy mix paradigm with more decentralized production by renewable sources, artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be critical to manage decentralized grids, balancing electricity supply and demand needs in real-time and optimizing energy use and storage in an efficient way to allow for better grid dimensioning and reduced rates.

AI will be a game-changer for renewable energy production, distribution and use. Enfinity Ventures aims to support the development of new technologies that allow a transition from an infrastructure-heavy system to one centered on AI, enabling split-second forecasting and control, creating a more resilient and flexible grid.