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Enfinity Global co-founding member of the Venice Sustainability Foundation

By July 25, 2023No Comments

Enfinity Global, a leader in renewable energy, has become a co-founding member of the Venice Sustainability Foundation (VSF). This flagship initiative aims to preserve and revitalize the globally iconic world heritage city of Venice, currently at risk from the impact of climate change.

The foundation aims to transform Venice, its biosphere and the whole Veneto Region into a model of social, environmental, and economic sustainability, replicable in other at-risk world heritage areas around the globe.

Enfinity Global brings robust expertise on renewable energy and sustainability to the Foundation. The company will join working groups dedicated to energy transition, with a focus on the decarbonization of local energy consumption, the promotion of sustainable maritime mobility, the implementation of circular economy models, and the dynamization of local employment in the sector.

“Enfinity Global’s membership is a source of double satisfaction for us, both for the additional contribution of energy sustainability expertise to the Foundation’s activities, and for the international background of the new co-founding partner, demonstrating that sensitivity and interest in the fate of the Venetian territory crosses borders”, says Renato Brunetta, President of VSF.

“We are delighted to be part of the Venice World Capital of Sustainability Foundation, joining forces with other world-class partners at the forefront of social and environmental sustainability. Together we will seek innovative solutions that will position Venice as a model for sustainable urban development,” said Francesco Cosulich, Enfinity Global’s representative to the Foundation“Our participation in the Foundation demonstrates our long-term commitment to Italy and its environmental challenges. As a Venetian, I am proud to be part of this extraordinary transformative project, a legacy for future generations”.