An Enfiniter is a passionate individual with an entrepreneurial spirit, someone who has joined Enfinity Global as the best place to align personal and professional purpose and fight together against climate change. Enfiniters aim to progress constantly, learning from each other in a positive environment where we live out our values—every day, in everything we do.

We are a talented and diverse team of 190 Enfiniters around the world, working together to generate a positive impact on the planet by stopping climate change.

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What matters most to me is sustainability. I believe that it’s the key to global prosperity and our collective future. Not only does sustainability drive the push to protect our ecosystems and preserve natural resources for future generations, but it’s also improving the quality of life for people and communities around the world. 

That’s why I joined Enfinity after spending the majority of my career in the banking sector. Apart from the proven track record of success demonstrated by its management team, I was drawn to Enfinity because its core mission aligned with one of my main goals—to make the world a better place.

At Enfinity, I’ve been able to help push the company’s agenda forward, particularly by growing our investments in sustainable solutions and developing renewable assets. As FP&A manager, my job is to understand Enfinity’s finances on a macro level, then channel those insights into refining our financial planning processes. I do this by exploring the performance in every region we operate and creating a plan to guide our annual activities. 

It’s fair to say that this position has expanded my mindset and given me a broader global perspective. It’s also taught me to uncover relevant insights in some of the world’s biggest markets, exploring how diverse social and cultural backgrounds can influence a company’s financial performance. 

But, more than that, it has allowed me to join a highly skilled team of seasoned professionals in the renewables space. In fact, I would say its people play the most vital role in Enfinity’s success. Together, they foster an environment that spurs innovation, where teamwork, collaboration, and communication are the status quo in everything we do.

I love being a part of Enfinity. Apart from its empowering workplace culture, it’s also taught me a lot about confidence and the value of knowledge. And while trying to master all the complexities of a global company has been challenging, I’m glad that every day is an opportunity to learn something new and make steady progress toward a sustainable, net-zero carbon economy.


I’ve been in renewable energy for over 15 years, working for major IPPs both in Europe and in the US. Passionate about building a better world, I joined Enfinity Global to help create something better and be part of a team that is working to make this planet last for as long as possible.

Sustainability primarily involves ensuring that resources are used in a responsible way so that generations to come can enjoy a world that is similar to what it has been like in the past. We’re all here to collectively drive the net-zero or the zero-carbon future, and we’re working towards that goal by doing whatever we can do every day.

My role at Enfinity Global is focused on how we can make energy as efficient as possible from an operating perspective, and to make it safe, reliable and profitable for the company. Something that you feel right away at Enfinity is the company’s execution mindset, internationality, and cooperative environment. You can ask anybody a question, and three people will jump up to give you answers if they have them. The company also puts significant trust in our leadership and in each of us to lead our areas and build their vision.

We’re here to make something happen, and it is everybody’s focus to make sure that it happens on time and within budget. The nimbleness and the willingness to build something that is sustainable is very present every day, and that drives our everyday work.


When I joined Enfinity Global in 2020, I decided to jump from a huge energy corporation to a small and promising international project with a challenging environment and ambitious goals. From day one, I had the opportunity to work on the front line, helping to grow the company almost from scratch.

The learning curve has been impressive, as problem-solving has a relevant role in the daily activity of finding solutions and innovative ways to approach challenges. That’s why, in the next few years, I’m sure I’ll be able to continue improving my skills. I would like to work not only in the Italian market, but also to get involved in developing Enfinity projects in other territories and even in new business areas. I definitely believe I can contribute to a more sustainable future with tenacity, dynamism and curiosity for new technologies, embracing new challenges and thinking that nothing is impossible.

Looking back, I believe my experience and studies have guided my professional career towards clean energy, as I graduated in economics and management in Milan, with a final project focused on energy efficiency that I carried out in Brussels within the framework of the European Commission. After an international experience in New York, I got the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in energy.

For me, sustainability is important in order to leave behind a better world than the one I found. That is my personal vision and what inspires me to work hard every day. Renewables will have a strong role in this process, and I truly believe that we can make the difference. I have always imagined energy as a strategic resource, and as the indispensable engine of everything that surrounds us.


When you join a company, it’s important to understand its vision and to match it with your personal purpose. In my case, when Tepsol—the Indian renewable energy developer I worked for—was acquired by Enfinity Global, I quickly understood Enfinity’s vision: giving back to the community by creating a zero-carbon future and mitigating the effects of climate change. It’s an ambitious goal we all pursue in the company, in an atmosphere of employee togetherness, with visionary leaders at local and global level. 

I work at the Telangana office as Business Development Manager, as part of a team made up of young individuals working together and guided by solid values: Ownership, Competence, Integrity and Innovation. I truly enjoy working with my colleagues in an easygoing atmosphere that motivates me to go to work every day. It has been very positive to learn from being exposed to many different management styles as we overcame barriers through effective collaborative efforts.

In five years, I would love to be an industry expert who others can rely on for ideas, help and strategy. I have had amazing mentors and managers at Enfinity Global, and I would like to be able to provide similar guidance, potentially taking on a leadership role by connecting my initiatives to the company’s larger goals. It’s a prospect that excites me.

I am proud to contribute my efforts to an environmentally conscious business that values more than just profits and seeks to positively impact society and the environment. A business like this is sustainable because it contributes to the health of the structure in which it operates, helping construct an environment where the business can thrive over time.


Sustainability should be important for everyone. We are all aware of the issues – climate change and natural resources scarcity- and we should all pursue a sustainable development model. As an engineer, I was taught to pursue efficiency and make good use of resources. So, I want to be part of that sustainable development and contribute to a social change.

That’s why, even though I started out as an aerospace engineer, I found renewable energy so appealing. I decided to make the switch to the innovative sector and launched my new career in Japan. Almost six years ago, I joined Enfinity Global because I wanted to be part of the action and core decision-making process, not just experience projects from the sidelines. I wanted to make decisions that have a real impact. 

Being at Enfinity Global has been amazing. What I like most is the team of people I work with: they are well-prepared and top-tier. I also appreciate the fact that I have been trusted with a lot of responsibility from an early stage—so far, I’ve been able to lead negotiations for almost one billion dollars in EPC contracts. 

As an individual and as a professional, I want to create something meaningful for society. And I think that I’m in the best place to do that at Enfinity Global—to build things that positively influence the lives of countless people around the world now and in the future. 

You get further by tackling a problem one step at a time until you create a myriad of small, positive results. That’s what I want to do: relentlessly develop project after impactful project until we’ve created something that moves our communities forward. That’s my personal goal.


I studied engineering in Madrid and from the very beginning, I was interested in energy. I was one of the very first employees to join Enfinity in Europe in September 2020. I knew I would do well here, and I’ve been lucky to see the company grow. In 2021, I was offered the opportunity to move to Milan, where the team welcomed me with open arms, and I have been able to assume new responsibilities and expand my experience.

The main part of my job is getting every little bit of a project authorized so that it can be built and liaising with different internal teams, local authorities, external partners, etc. I also oversee the budget and make sure we meet our deadlines. I like this part of the job—you get to see all phases of a project from start to finish.

At Enfinity, we’re all willing to do our part to make this company succeed. Everyone is pushing to be a better version of themselves. Our generation has grown up with sustainability, so it’s part of our outlook on life. But it’s important to understand that when there’s an issue, you must be part of the change. I’ve always felt that with engineering, we can make a big impact on the energy system.

Enfinity and I have the same objective—to create a more sustainable future. Being part of a company where the main goal is so vital for the world right now is great. I want to create a better future for my kids so they don’t have to face worse climate consequences, and I’m working for a company that has the same perspective. Enfinity is not only trying to make renewable energy but also revolutionize the process and chart the way forward with innovations. I believe in what we’re doing, and I’m convinced we can make Enfinity one of the greatest renewable energy companies in Italy.

As an individual and as a professional, I want to create something meaningful for society. And I think that I’m in the best place to do that at Enfinity Global—to build things that positively influence the lives of countless people around the world now and in the future. 

You get further by tackling a problem one step at a time until you create a myriad of small, positive results. That’s what I want to do: relentlessly develop project after impactful project until we’ve created something that moves our communities forward. That’s my personal goal.


Sustainability is crucial in order for future generations to live in a better world. And we all need to contribute; if not, we won’t be able to justify our responsibility to the next generation of humans. That’s why, six years ago, as a civil engineer with 9+ years of work experience, I decided to shift my focus to the renewable energy sector.

At Enfinity Global, I found the opportunity to work for a company whose aims go far beyond doing business—this is a place with a clear purpose: to create a better future without carbon emissions.

As part of the EPC team in India, I am responsible for delivering successful projects aligned with Enfinity’s values and expectations through monitoring and controlling engineering, procurement and construction at project sites, from project inception to completion.

If I had to describe working at Enfinity Global, the first thing that comes to my mind is the vibrant energy. I am fortunate enough to work with a young and dynamic team that brings a lot of spirit into this company and which truly exemplifies our core values at Enfinity.

The company’s transparency is another key factor that sets it apart as a superb workplace. I also appreciate that Enfinity Global provides the opportunity not only to work in renewable energy, but also in other projects related to sustainability and the circular economy.

In a few years, I see myself successfully handling large, challenging projects at Enfinity Global, with the help of the entire team.