An Enfiniter is a passioned person with an entrepreneurial spirit that has joined Enfinity Global as the best place to align the personal and professional purpose to fight together against climate change. A person that aims to constantly progress, learning from each other in a positive environment where we live our values everyday in everything we do.

We are a talented and diverse team of 150 Enfiniters around the world working together to generate a positive impact on the planet by stopping climate change.

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Abhishek Nayak

EPC Senior Manager (India)

Sustainability is important for our future generation to live in a better world. And we all need to contribute in this, otherwise we will not be able to justify our responsibility to the next human generation. This is the reason why, as Civil Engineer with 9+ years of work experience, I decided to focus on Renewable Energy Sector six years ago.

At Enfinity Global I found the opportunity to work for a company that not only runs to do business, but a place with a clear purpose to create a better future without carbon emissions.

As Project EPC & Construction Manager at Enfinity Global in India, I am responsible for delivering successful projects binding with Enfinity values & expectations by monitoring and controlling EPC at project sites from scratch to COD. The first thing that comes to my mind to define working at Enfinity Global is the Vibrant Energy. I am fortunate enough to work with a very young & dynamic team, that brings a lot of energy into this company & which truly defines our core value at Enfinity. Also, one of the very important factors which differentiate Enfinity as a superb working place is its transparency.

In few years I see myself successfully handling very challenging & large projects at Enfinity Global, with the help of all the team. What I also like of Infinity Global is the opportunity not also to work in renewable energy, but in other projects related to sustainability and circular economy.

Luca Raineri

Business Development Manager (Italy)

When I joined Enfinity Global in 2020 I decided to jump from a huge energy corporation to a small and promising international project with a challenging environment and ambitious goals. From the first day I had the opportunity to work on the front line, contributing to grow the company almost from scratch.

The learning curve has been impressive as problem solving has a relevant role in the daily activity to find solutions and innovative ways to approach challenges. Therefore in the next years I think I will be able to continue improving my skills and I would like not only to work for the Italian market but also to be involved in the development of Enfinity projects in other territories and even in new business areas. I definitely think I can contribute to a more sustainable future with tenacity, dynamism and curiosity for new technologies, embracing new challenges and thinking that nothing is impossible.

Looking back, I consider my experience and studies have guided my professional career towards clean energy as I graduated in economics and management in Milan with a final work on energy efficiency made in Brussels within the European Commission environment. After an international experience in New York I got the opportunity to follow a Master Degree in Energy.

For me, sustainability is important to leave a better world with respect to the one I have found. That is my personal vision and what inspires me to work hard every day. Renewables will have a strong role in this process and I truly believe that we can make the difference. I have always imagined energy as strategic resource and as the indispensable engine of everything is surrounding us.

Dario Davanzo

Legal Counselor (Italy)

“Sustainability must be part of the bones of our society”. This my personal vision on sustainability that has guided my entire academic and professional career. Without it, we won’t even be able to stand up in the future. I think everything must be sustainable, not only at an environmental level but also at a social, cultural and civil rights level. I try to daily commit with this vision by sensitizing other people with my behavior, my lifestyle and of course with my work, and, why not, by writing. I like dedicating part of my time to write and publish opinion articles to raise awareness on important issues such as environment and civil rights.

When I entered the recruiting process at Enfinity, I already knew part of the leadership team, so I knew that the project they proposed me was more than serious. Furthermore, the objectives and the spirit that was transmitted to me during the interviews was absolutely in line not only with my skills but also with my vision about sustainability and my principles.

In the future, I would like to grow and start working as legal counselor with more countries taking care of even more challenging projects thanks to the support of other colleagues in the legal team.

I would recommend any candidate who wants to join Enfinity to roll up his/her sleeves as it is a fast-growing company, and do not forget to put a part of yourself, of your principles in your work, because it will make not only the world but also your own work more sustainable.

Srinath Reddy

Deputy Business Development Manager (India)

When you join a company, it is important to understand its vision and to match it with your personal purpose. In my case, when Tepsol – the Indian renewable energy developer I worked for- was acquired by Enfinity Global I quickly understood Enfinity’s vision: giving back to the community by creating a zero-carbon future and mitigating climate change effects. It is an ambitious goal we all pursue in the company in an atmosphere of employee togetherness with visionary leaders at local and global level. 

I work in Telangana office as Deputy Manager in the Business Development area, as part of a team formed by young Individuals working together guided by solid values: Ownership, Competence, Integrity and Innovation. I truly enjoy working with my colleagues, in a light-hearted atmosphere that encourages me to go to work every day. It has been very positive to learn by being exposed to many different managing styles as we overcame barriers through collaborative and effective efforts.

In five years, I would love to be an industry expert who can be counted upon by others for ideas, help and strategy. I have had amazing mentors and managers at Enfinity Global and I would like to be able to provide similar guidance, potentially taking on a leadership role by connecting my initiatives to the company’s larger goals and I am excited by the prospect of getting more experience in that direction.

I am proud to contribute with my effort to an environmentally conscious business that values more than just profits and seeks to positively society and environment. Such a business is sustainable because it contributes to the health of the structure within which it operates, thereby helping construct an environment in which the business can thrive longer.